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Welcome to Allureglow®

After many years of development AllureGlow® provides products containing a photo-luminescent pigment that is unparallel in the world for its useability, performance and cost effectiveness. We have developed techniques to enhance photon-emitting crystals (photo-luminescent pigment) with no known toxicity or radioactivity.

Allureglow® Lights the Way

AllureGlow® utilizes a range of cost efficient and unique premium grade strontium aluminate based photo-luminescent pigments that are now revolutionizing the world of photoluminescence. Advantages of the crystals include brightness - the luminosity is higher than any other form of crystal. This is because the crystal are manufactured to our Patented formulation using only premium grade raw materials and our processing methods are designed to give the utmost purity to the finished product with the minimum grinding of the crystals.

The pigment used in our products are believed to be a world first in having the superior performance of a strontium type compound, that can be supplied as water or solvent based and dispersed in paints, inks, ceramic glaze and extruded into most plastics and resins. The water proof pigment does not lose its glow in water or in water-based formulations. There are a wide range of particle sizes available which enable its use in applications where very fine particles are required or where larger particle sizes are suitable. Just let us know what type of application you have and we will recommend the most suitable pigment size.

Crystal appearance: In daylight, pigment is pale green in colour. The level of daylight green color of our pigments varies due to particle size and performance grade. Higher glow pigments with larger particle size are more green than lower performance finer pigment. Some glow pigments have a whitish daylight color, such as the Sky Blue, White and Purple glow pigments.

Due to unique chemistry and crystal structure of our pigments, when formulated correctly, the inherent brightness can be significantly multiplied. This has enabled products to be developed that exceed all of the most stringent standards for emission the New York City recent RS- 6- 1 rule for photoluminescent egress path markings, IMO, ASTM and PSPA.

Contacting Us

Australian head office

Australia: (03) 9397 6644
International: +61 3 9397 6644
Fax: +61 3 9397 6544
Post: 5 / 308 Kororoit Creek Rd
Williamstown, Vic, 3016

Vietnam office

Phone: +84 8 37755 650
Post: 791 / 17A Tran Xuan Soan
P.Tan Hung Q7, TP Ho Chi Minh City

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