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Allure Glow┬« provides the benefit of no-energy cost photo luminescent technology in two broad categories – Raw materials for manufacturers, and finished glow-in-the-dark products for end-users, resellers and distributors.

AllureGlow® Ink Brochure

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AllureGlow® Household Items

AllureGlow® household products are manufactured using AG Series pigments and master batch. They combine a range of imaginative consumer products which are highly practical useful tools to enhance our day to day lives. They operate without the need for electrical power yet illuminate in the dark.

  • Glow in the Dark House Numbers
  • Glow Domes
  • Glow in the Dark Fence Post Caps
  • Glow in the Dark Tent Pegs
  • Glow in the Dark Tiles
  • Glow Signs and Custom Signage
  • Light switch surrounds
  • Luggage and key tags
Allure Glow - House Numbers
House Numbers
Allure Glow - Glow Domes
Glow Domes
Allure Glow - Fence Post Caps
Fence Post Caps
Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Light Switch Markers
Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Key & Luggage Tags
Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Toilet Seats


Safety Fittings - See more

AllureGlow® products are made using unique pigments and master batches that demonstrate optimum life saving photo luminescent performance. 100% reliable, the product range includes retro-fit Stair Nosing, Handrails, Skirting, Ribbons, Tapes, Ropes, paints and Signs designed and manufactured to ensure ultimate safety 24 hours a day 7 days a week. AllureGlow® Safety Fittings are manufactured to stringent specifications and comply with many standards including ISO, Australian and New Zealand, ASTM, UL, IMO and others. The series products provide the benefit of no-energy cost effective photo luminescent technology and work by absorbing and storing energy from ambient and fluorescent lighting systems.

AllureGlow® Safety Fittings provide glow in the dark guidance during power failures and in emergency situations. Our technology is now widely accepted for many reasons:

  • Visible instantly in black-out and emergency situations
  • No external power source required
  • 100% reliable - always
  • Affordable
  • Retro fixable
  • Simple and cost efficient application
Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Wall Skirting
Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Hand Railing
Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Corner Capping
Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Stair Treads
Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Commercial Stair Treads
Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Industrial Stair Treads

AllureGlow® Luminous Evacuation Signage - See more

AllureGlow® Signs are manufactured using unique pigments and offer benefits beyond standard evacuation and fire control signage. Produced on metal, Allure Glow Signs are functionally sound and extremely sturdy. The range of luminous signage produces an effective means of emergency guidance both in light and dark conditions without the need for electrical power and meet all the necessary ISO standards. AllureGlow® evacuation signage is made to suit and meet the requirements of many authiorities around the world. The signs utilize the internationally recognised running man symbol which is being adopted globally.

  • Utilises specialised pigment
  • Absorbs and stores light energy ie ambient, fluorescent and mercury vapour
  • Illuminates immediately in black out and emergency conditions
  • Assists people to evacuate quickly and efficiently
  • Complies to international DIN standards
  • Does not require electricity
  • Does not require special wiring
  • Does not require professional installation
  • Non toxic
Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Exit Signs
Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Fire Signs
Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Evacuation Plan
  Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Road & Rail Signs

AllureGlow® Luminous Paints & Line Markings - See more

All AllureGlow┬« glow-in-the-dark paint products are manufactured using AllureGlow┬«’s specialist pigments and processes.

AllureGlow┬« paint has been used to “light up” fire escape walls, artistic murals, fabrics, path ways and machinery to mention a few of many applications.

Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Craft Paints
Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Line Marking
Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Epoxy Coatings

AllureGlow® Luminous PVC Film & Tapes - See more

AllureGlow® PVC vinyl films and tapes provide an opportunity to quickly produce glowing results with very little time or effort. These films and tapes are manufactured to offer the highest degree of luminance over a consistent span.

Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Safety Ribbon
Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Vinyl Film Tape
Allure Glow - Safety Fitting - Skirting
Vinyl Sheet
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Safety Fittings - detail

Wall Skirting

Hand Railing

Stair Treads

Commercial Treads

Industrial Treads


Light Switch Markers

Glow domes & markers

Signage - detail

Evacuation Signs

Customised signs

Evacuation plan kits

Other signs

Paints, inks & dyes - detail

Craft & Novelty Paints

Line marking paint

Industrial water based paint

Body Paint


PVC Film & Tapes - detail

Plastic Ribbon tape

Vinyl Film Tape

Vinyl Film Sheet & rolls

Rigid sheets - detail

PMMA - resin board

Aluminium sheet / panels

Plastic sheet / board

Photoluminescent pigment & powder - detail

Strontium aluminate

Zinc Sulphide

Specialty glow pigment / sand

UV inks and pigments - detail

UV365nm inorganic powder

UV365nm organic powder

UV254nm inorganic powder

UV254nm organic powder

UV fluorescent dye

UV tracer contrates

UV fluorescent black light paint

UV inkjet ink

Infrared powder

Security ink

Glow Master batch - detail

Plastic pellets

Fabric & Material - detail

Reflective / glow tape

Fabric material / Nomex tape

Novelty Items - detail

Key & Luggage Tags

Toilet Seats

Glow Rocks

Glow pebbles

Glow yarn

Glow rope

Star picket caps

Tent pegs

OEM services - detail


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