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Safety Fittings

Allureglow® Wall Skirting

Glow in the dark wall skirting cover. Designed for office applications to install over commercial skirting and wire covers.  It is coextruded from durable EVA plastic and incorporates the Allureglow® premium grade of pigment.
Allureglow® skirting is designed with a single large 15mm photoluminescnet stripe which asct as a visible pedestrian guide in darkness.
When blackouts or fire emergencies occur this 100% reliable fitting is visible at low levels, providing guidance to exit points

Description Code Glow Colour Packaging size
Wall skirting co-extrusion CO-S90 Green 50 metre roll

Hand rail cover

Allureglow® retrofit hand rail cover is co-extruded from durable EVA plastic and can be fixed over most existing railings to offer greater visual delineation in the dark. Available in black and safety yellow with 3 glowing strips, the Allureglow® hand rail cover is another affordable safety solution

Description Code Glow Colour Packaging size
Hand rail co-extrusion - black     CO-HR50 Green 75 metre roll
Hand rail co-extrusion - yellow   CO-HR50/SY Green 75 metre roll

Stair treads – extruded

Allureglow® stair nose is co extruded from durable EVA plastic and is available in square or bullnose profile.  The stair nosing can be fitted over most existing square or bullnose stairs for greater delineation in darkness.
Square edge is available in black or yellow with 3 glowing strips along the top and one glowing strip on the front.  The strip can be used in most timber, concrete and steel stair applications.

Description Code Glow Colour Packaging size
Stair nosing – co extrusion  - black          CO-SN-48B Green 1.2 mtres
Stair nosing – co extrusion  - yellow                 CO-SN-48Y Green 1.2 mtres
Stair nosing – co extrusion  - black bull nose CO-SN-48 Green 1.2 mtres

Allureglow® Commercial stair nosing

Combining aesthetics and practicality this durable nosing has the advantage of being visible in the day and in darkness.
Useful in most indoor and outdoor applications the Allureglow® range of commercial nosing includes bullnose and straight and profiles are designed for hard step or over carpet applications.

The commercial range can be customised to suit building aesthetics and can be anodized or powder coated if required.  The 50mm stair insert is available separately to suit other manufacturer’s profiles also.

Description Code Glow Colour Packaging size
Aluminium insert – co extrusion  - black     CO-SN-48B Green 35 metre rolls

Specs on aluminium profiles supplied depending on job specific requirements

Industrial stair treads

Allureglow® customised industrial stair treads for heavy duty application on oil rigs, platforms, heavy industry, mining, trucking, power plant application or any high use area.
The treads can be produced on Aluminium, Stainless steel or galvanised steel.  They are coated with coarse photoluminescent glow in the dark pigment, carborundum and 2 pack epoxy.
Due to the tough nature of the material used in the manufacture of the treads we customise the profile, cut to length and pre drill holes if required

Description Code Glow Colour Packaging size
Customised industrial treads                           CIST Green Customised

Light switch markers

Allureglow®, glow in the dark night find light switch attachments have been moulded using the highest grade of Allureglow® photoluminescent pigment to ensure the brightest performance possible.

Designed to fit most Australian standard classic and slim fit light switch frames, the visual aid light switch surround will glow in the dark for up to 12 hours every night after only a few minutes of exposure to good light

Classic fit to suit light switches approx 85 x 130 x 14mm
Slim fit to suit light switches approx. 85 x 130 x 10mm

Description Code Glow Colour Packaging size
Light switch cover – classic fit                   LSM/C/T   Green 12
Light switch cover – classic fit                   LSM/C/T   Green 24

Glow domes and markers

Allureglow® safety domes can be used for a wide range of applications including children’s night lights, floor marking, post marking, camping, night time guidance, boats, fishing, caravans, driveways, bicycle tracks. 
The domes charge up with a few minutes light and emit a glow that lasts up to 12 hours depending on the surrounding ambient light conditions.

Description Code Glow Colour Packaging size
Poly vinyl self adhesive domes                   GD/PV   Blue/Green 10
Polyester  self adhesive domes                   GD/PE   Blue/Green 10
ABS plastic domes with centre hole PDC Green 10
ABS plastic domes without centre holes    PDN Green 10
Resin domes    RGD Green/Blue 100



Applications: Floor, Wall, Pool, Evacuation systems, mosaics, furniture manufacture, Garden décor, path edging, age care facilities, hospitals, house Numbers, Kitchens, Countertops, Bath, Interior Accents, Patios, Pool Decks, Pool Water Line, Depth and Safety Markers and Signage
Glow Colours: Two beautiful Glow in the dark Colors to choose from Aqua and Green.
Day Colours: Wide selection of Sizes, Finish, Colors and Design options.
Profile: Straight Edge & Round edge are also available.
House number ceramic tile
1: Available in Aqua or Green of Glow Colors.
2: Size is 4”x 6” with straight edges
3: Rounded Edges are also available, other sizes are also available, smaller sizes come with a Straight Edge.
Full glow Ceramic tile ( for wall, floor, swimming pool )
Glow Colours: Available in Aqua or Green Glow
Profile: . All Pool Tile is finished with Rounded Edges.
Sizes: 4”x 4” or 8” x 8”, Other sizes upon request ( MOQ’s apply)
Exit sign Ceramic tile
Glow colours:  Aqua or Green Glow
Profile: All Exit sign tile is finished with Rounded Edges.
Size: 6”x 12”, Other sizes upon request ( MOQ’s apply)

Tile types: Ceramic is normally used indoor or outdoor for walls.
Porcelain is much stronger with less than 0.5% water absorption so can be used for wall, floors and outdoor applications.

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